Replacement Chisel Tip Nibs

Replacement Chisel Tip Nibs

Replacement Tip - $1.49

Unipaint Broad/K-71/Smash KO Marker Nib
These are replacement chisel tip nibs. It works with the Uni Broad Marker as well as the Krink K-71, Molotow 311, Molotow 327, Smash KO and Smashville Slugger. These nibs are the exact same size as the nibs in the Krink K-71, Smash K.O. and the Smashville Slugger. It is slightly longer than the stock nib on the Unipaint Broad Marker, the Molotow 311 Empty Marker and the 327 One4All Paint markers but is the same in diameter. It will work fine as is but you can cut it down to the same length as the Uni nib to improve flow.

Type: Art Supplies

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