Brother Ali "Cassette" Shirt

Brother Ali "Cassette" Shirt

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With each p urchase you will receive an instant mp3 digital download of Brother Ali's  Left In The Deck .

Left In The Deck, Played like a cassette tape, Side A and Side B, is a collection of 10 raw, grimy recordings made in basements and hotel rooms around the world. This demo-tape style release was produced entirely by Jake One. These songs were left in their original demo form and are intended only for Brother Ali's family of direct supporters.

"The beats are grimy and I feel like this is some of the best rhyming I've ever captured on tape. I want to release this directly to you." - Brother Ali

Side A
Dial Tone
Grandma And Them
Digital Age
Never Stoppin' Not A Day Goes By

Side B
Well Okay
Phantom Of The Opera
Rapper Thing
Devil's Arms

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