Blue In Green "The Break of Dawn"
Blue In Green "The Break of Dawn"
Blue In Green "The Break of Dawn"

Blue In Green "The Break of Dawn"

Cassette - $13.99

Š—…The Break of DawnŠ—È, a full-length album from JapanŠ—Ès Blue In Green, a composer and guitarist of Bossa Nova and Jazz, is a Downtempo soiree of Hip Hop and Jazz styles. Š—…RendezvousŠ—È begins with the warm crackles of an analog record into beautiful piano scales, and Hip Hop beats at about 97BPM, with subtle bass, horns, cuts and melodic loops.

Š—…VoyageŠ—È starts with a steady, often manipulated beat; more stunning piano along with Electric guitar riffs nicely compliment each other in a lighthearted rhythm. Š—…Masquerade / The Night WatchŠ—È features a rocking upright Bass, piano, sax, cymbal percussion and steady kick drum with relaxed undertones for a Jazzy, sexy, nostalgic and textured tune. Š—…Take 3Š—È begins on a fly beat with an alert upright Bass, classic Hip Hop samples and trumpet snippets cut and scratched in and the low warm sounds of Tuba and organ notes. Ending with a Bonus Track is Š—…CamelliaŠ—È a passionate song, a teasing piano solo and organ soulfully spilling emotions, an Electric Guitar taking the spotlight pleasingly inviting a close friendly dance. Other favorites on the 11-track album are Rainy Streets, MOTP and Get Back (To Soulful Music).

An album with class, ease and the perfect soundtrack to a balmy beach or summer day, cultured with Hip Hop and Jazz elements Š—…The Break of DawnŠ—È is an impressive debut.

Track List:ξ

1) Rendezvous
2) Voyage
3) Rainy Streets
4) Masquerade / The Night Watch
5) Ricochet Bounce
7) Blue Wind
8) Take 3
9) Get Back (To Soulful Music)
10) Last NightŠ—Ès Dream
11) Camellia (Bonus Track)ξ

Type: Music

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