Butcher Bear "This Is How The Game Gets You Played" (Yellow Cassette)
Butcher Bear "This Is How The Game Gets You Played" (Yellow Cassette)
Butcher Bear "This Is How The Game Gets You Played" (Yellow Cassette)
Butcher Bear "This Is How The Game Gets You Played" (Yellow Cassette)

Butcher Bear "This Is How The Game Gets You Played" (Yellow Cassette)


"Butch Webster aka Butcher Bear aka Sampler & Son aka (iN) label boss, was born in Austin, TX descended from Cajuns. HeŠ—Ès one of the co-founders of the collective, Exploded Drawing, books the club, The North Door and he owns and operates (iN)Sect Records.

For his second LP under the Butcher Bear moniker, he has assemble a massive group of guest features, handles vocal duties on a couple songs and assembled a live group to record a few of his songs, as well as producing everything on the record, save for one song produced by Big Legs.

The roster for Š—“This is How the Game gets you PlayedŠ—? includes: SelfSays, Muamin Collective, Sir Froderick, Lo Phi, Marc Bianchi (Her Space Holiday), Reaganometry, Graham Reynolds (Golden Arm Trio), Chief & The Doomsday Device, BoomBaptist, AADM OUR HATLEY, Strong Silent Type, Sampler & Son, and Ethan Kennedy (Mother Falcon).

Butch goes from boom-bap to new wave to nightmarish house to new territories of sound altogether. His production is steeped in live instrumentation, having played drums/gtr/vox/keys in bands for 20 years, his bastardized sounds and production weave samples and snatched up sounds into a masterpiece of a storyline. The MCŠ—Ès featured on the album are all people he considers family, each adding their own flavors, while the main theme stays in tact. Š—…What are you saving it for? Let the music air out. Breathe Deep. Stay Original.Š—È

Š—…DonŠ—Èt forget, thereŠ—Ès a drought goinŠ—È on, be generous with your creativity.Š—È Š—– Rich Jacobs

For fans of: Polvo, Michael Scheel, Ras G, The Cure, Kutmah, Sonic Youth

Artwork by Aaron Guadamuz
Heat by Butcher Bear


  1. Bomb Paws
  2. Vacation Stops
  3. Ineedyouneedme Ft. Sir Froderick
  4. Punch The Bull Ft. Reaganometry
  5. Blood, Mud, Water (Scheel's World)
  6. Velvet Coffin Pt. 1 Ft. Graham Reynolds (Golden Arm Trio)
  7. Maid Of Sand (It's Up)
  8. Barbaric Rhetoric Ft. Chief & The Doomsday Device And BoomBaptist
  9. Landlocked In Small Talk Ft. Marc Bianchi (Her Space Holiday)
  10. (1) Out For Living (0) Ft. Lo Phi
  11. That's Not Oz Behind The Curtain, It's A 303 (INterlude)
  12. Feel That Ft. Muamin Collective
  13. All Hail The New Boss, Just Like The Old Boss Ft. AADM OUR HATLEY
  14. Texas Boys Ft. Lo Phi
  15. This Is How The Game Gets You Played Ft. SelfSays And DJ Shardstyle
  16. We Got You Ft. Rebecca Whitley; Prod By. Big Legs
  17. Quietly, Suddenly, Dead Ft. Reaganometry, Strong Silent Type,Matt Krolick (Mother Falcon) And Patrick Benfield
  18. Tell Me The Difference Ft. Sampler & Son
  19. It's Not Yours (INterlude)
  20. Black Flag
  21. Taste The Rainbows
  22. Double Brothers (Step Up) Ft. Reaganometry, Strong Silent Type, Patrick Benfield And Ethan Kennedy
  23. Velvet Coffin Pt. 2 Ft. Graham Reynolds (Golden Arm Trio)

Type: Music

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