House Shoes Presents: The Gift: Volume Two "Dertbeats" (Cassette)

House Shoes Presents: The Gift: Volume Two "Dertbeats" (Cassette)

Cassette - $12.99

Limited, Cassette Store Day exclusive run of tapes, highlighting House Shoes' celebrated "The Gift" series, featuring bonus, previously unreleased tracks.

The Gift is a series DJ House Shoes started to spotlight under the radar producers.

Volume Two brings you up to speed on DertBeats. Los Angeles based cat who actually produced an entire album for KRS-ONE a few years back.


1. Money
2. Floyd
3. Derty
4. Distorted Joy
5. Flashback
6. Three Quarters
7. Fatal Thoughts (Bonus)
8. Cyan
9. Jet Black Mind
10. Wake Your Punk Ass Up
11. LifeŠ—Ès Bigger Than You
12. You Can Do Better Than Drums
13. Aqueous
14. Bay of Pigs (Bonus)

Type: Music

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