Paper Tiger "In Other Words" CD

Paper Tiger "In Other Words" CD

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“Well. Here it is.

In Other Words is a project that came together in four parts, each release containing four songs. While stylistically drawing from a different set of influences for each release, what was consistent was the manipulation of recorded vocals from my friends Dessa, Jessie, and Aby. The idea for this record was to create songs that would typically be lyrically driven pop songs, but use voice in a way without further context than that of an instrument. While I do adore many great lyrics in songs, I have always been driven by the music first (I tried rapping once and it was horrible, so I never did it again, ask Cecil he was there).

One of the inspirations for making this record was a recording by Adriano Celentano, an Italian singer/composer who has had an extensive music career since the 60's (not joking the guy has released over 40 albums). In 1972 he released a song titled “Prisencolinensinainciuso", which was written to mimic the way English sounds to non-English speakers despite being entirely gibberish, because he wanted to make an “American" style pop song. The idea that he used his voice to sing but literally sang no words at all was interesting enough for me to pursue. Check it out.

I just want to thank everyone so much for taking time to check out In Other Words. This completes this project. As all four pieces are now available, we are putting everything together as a complete project here on CD.

As always HUGE thank you to all that helped with this project: Beak, Vance, Dessa, Jessie, Aby, Joe, Bruce, Adriano and Diana."

-Paper Tiger

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