Paper Tiger "Summer EP" CD

Paper Tiger "Summer EP" CD

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Paper Tiger is responsible for some of Doomtree's most crowd-pleasing singles, including “Low Light Low Life" from P.O.S "Never Better", Mike Mictlan's “Game Over", and Dessa's “The Chaconne." He's got an ear for contagious, synthy melodies and a marked nostalgia for the 90s.

Paper Tiger (Papes or Papel Tigre depending on the mood of his crewmates) works as Doomtree's art director, live DJ, and producer. He's spun at the X Games, toured North America and Europe on Doomtree's epic No Kings Tour, and has built a reputation as a solo artist in his own right. His most recent release, Made Like Us, earned stellar reviews at home and from national critics. called it “elegant and cinematic", and Pitchfork praised its “crisp drums, excellent production and interesting mixes."

On Summer EP, Paper departs from the moodier moments of Made Like Us (though his deft melancholic atmospherics surface on “Gold Pass") in favor of a more up-tempo, sunnier sound palette. The banjo, accordion, and whistling on “The Fortunate Wayfarer" make it an addictive single, a track that melds Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros with James Blake.

1. Greatest of All Fridays
2. The Fortunate Wayfarer
3. The Resistance
4. Gold Pass
5. Marina Club
6. The Pleasure, The Privilege

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