Sims "False Hopes Xiv" CD

Sims "False Hopes Xiv" CD

CD - $8.99

Sims reported that he made this entire CD while working the night shift for UPS, in fact almost all of the beats were made in the back of Sims UPS truck while driving around delivering packages. That was a fun week, but now its over, and Sims has since left UPS due to a conflict with the general manager.
Track Listing:

  1. Like you Mean it
  2. With the Fire in its Palm
  3. Pay no Mind
  4. TC AG
  5. Birds and Earthworms
  6. Something Crazy is Happening
  7. Up For Grabs
  8. Rap Practice
  9. Roll Down
  10. Pay no Mind (REDO)

Type: Music

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