Dred Scott "Breakin' Combs" 2X Vinyl LP

Dred Scott "Breakin' Combs" 2X Vinyl LP

You know these flows, you know this feeling and you remember when you first nodded your head to these grooves. You don’t? Lucky you! Listening to this the first time will throw you in a different time and gives you an instant smile. Promise!

Track List: 

1) Back In The Day

2) Duck Ya Head

3) Can't Hold It Back

4) Check The Vibe

5) Dirty Oldman Skit

6) The Story

7) To Da Old School

8) Funky Rhythm

9) Swingin' From The Tree

10) Intro

11) Nutin'ta Lose

12) Liar

13) Rough Enuff

14) My Mind Is Driftin'

15) They Don't Know

16) Frankie's Groove

Type: Music

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