Fat Albert Einstein "2U4U" Vinyl LP

Fat Albert Einstein "2U4U" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $24.99
  • Available on Limited Edition Transparent Vinyl for the First Time Ever & Individually Hand Numbered! 
  • "An Honest, Stripped Down Tribute to the King." - House Shoes

2U4U is a collection of 16 versions, covers, rearrangements and interpretations of the music of Jay Dee, J Dilla, the one and only James Yancey.

Played and recorded live by Fat Albert Einstein with the help of Tylana Renga playing violin and Peter Jacobson on cello, for “Move” and “Labcabin Strings”. Adam Reece lends a hand on bass for “Dub Dilla”. The end result is a collection of songs ranging from the delicate and sincere “Gentle Rain”, the almost true textbook “Touch”, to the devastatingly triumphant “Eternal Fire.”

Track List:

1) Bald Mt. > Fever
2) So Hardcore
3) 30a
4) Eternal Fire
5) Labcabin
6) Geekdrums
7) Move
8) 30b
9) Family Tree
10) Touch
11) Waxman
12) Roachclip
13) Gentle Rain
14) Dub Dilla
15) Hanson
16) Labcabin Strings

Type: Music

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