Kankick "Kan Cassette Vol. 1" Vinyl LP

Kankick "Kan Cassette Vol. 1" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $17.99

A throwback beat record from California beat-maker Kan Kick. A selection of 12 classic hip-hop beats recorded at the Funk Farm between 1995 and 1997, including two brand new bonus tracks.

Finally on vinyl for the first time EVER!

Track List:

1) Splatter

2) Classik Chemist Composition

3) Break Ya Way

4) Master Of Creativity

5) The Ear Clear Vision

6) The Mizell Rock

7) Momma Time

8) Rhodes Sees Yah

9) This Gala Authentic

10) On And On For Biz

11) G.I.A. #2 (Bonus)

12) G.I.A. #3 (Bonus)


Type: Music

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