Greg Grease "Down So Long" 2X Vinyl LP

Greg Grease "Down So Long" 2X Vinyl LP

2X Vinyl LP - $29.99
  • 2018 City Pages Winner for Best Album, Greg Grease's Latest Album, "Down So Long", is Available Now on Vinyl!
  • Pressed on 2X Vinyl & Gatefold Packaging - Includes Download Card!  

An integral member of the funk collective Astralblak (formerly named ZuluZuluu), Greg Grease stepped out on his own last September with his brilliant solo record, Down So Long. It’s a heady blend of smoothed-out soul, funky jams, and smoky R&B, with guest contributions from Psymun, Jayanthi Kyle, Mike Mictlan, DJ Just Nine, and Javier Santiago, as well as Astralblak’s Proper-T, Trelly Mo, and Art Parté. Throughout, Greg’s astute, socially conscious raps offer a penetrating study of the burdens and blessings of urban life, whether he’s questioning the drive for material wealth, blasting unchecked police brutality, or celebrating the strength and inspiration that can be drawn from family and friends.

Track List:

1) Wait - Produced by Greg Grease 

2) Jungles - Produced by Benzilla

3) Migraine - Produced by Greg Grease, Psymun & Trelly Mo

4) Down So Long - Produced by Greg Grease

5) Ain’t good Money - Produced by Greg Grease & Trelly Mo

6) Under - Produced by Greg Grease

7) Ease up - Produced by Greg Grease

8) The Cutoff - Produced by J Hard

9) So What - Produced by Greg Grease

10) Down to Earth - Produced by Greg Grease & Proper-T

11) Runaways - Produced by Greg Grease

12) The Motion Ft. Jayanthi Kyle - Produced by Greg Grease & Proper-T

13) The Motion II Ft. Mike Mictlan, I.B.E., & Ak-Rite - Produced by Greg Grease

14) Breaking’ The Law Ft. DJ Just Nine - Produced by Greg Grease

15) Innerspace - Produced by Greg Grease  

Type: Music

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