Tony Bones & Big Wiz "Still Official" CD
Tony Bones & Big Wiz "Still Official" CD
Tony Bones & Big Wiz "Still Official" CD

Tony Bones & Big Wiz "Still Official" CD

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Two friends had a dream to become successful rap artists and also to create a successful record label. In 2002 Tony Bones & Big Wiz started 'Long Doe Records' and since have released 40+ albums combined throughout label mates and themselves included.

Bones & Wiz released their first professional full length album as a duo titled 'We Made It Official' in early 2005. Throughout their careers earning success in hip hop hasn't been an easy task. These two moguls have been a huge influence on many artists by showing that, if you have a dream and are willing to work vigorously for it, invest in yourselves and are willing to risk it all many times over, Anything is possible!

Throughout the many obstacles Bones & Wiz have faced, these two influential pillars have paid dues while against all odds. The power rap duo knew it wasn't going to be easy but that didn't scare them none whatsoever. Bones & Wiz completed one dream at a time and sometimes many at once by working with platinum and gold record selling artists along they way. Also promoting their own successful events and eventually a sophomore album was in the works as an answer to 'We Made It Official".

The new album titled 'Still Official' has many artist features such as: Twista , Evidence , Alchemist , Talib Kweli , Bizzy Bone and more.

Track List:

1) MVP (Prod by Burna Beats)

2) Movesteady ft. The Alchemist & Evidence (Prod by Nicademus)

3) The Light ft Talib Kweli & Z-Boy (Prod by Professa)

4) What Am I ft Tash (of the Alkaholiks) [Prod by 84 Caprice, Scratches by DJ DMil)

5) Look For Me ft. C-Bo & Mista Maeham (Prod by Nicademus)

6) Dope Game ft Do Or Die & Johnny-P (Prod by Emazin)

7) Take You Home ft Twista & Johnny-P (Prod by Emazin)

8) Monsters ft Jelly Roll (Prod by Tek)

9) How To Ball ft Johnny-P (Prod y Cubist)

10) I Can't Wait ft Bizzy Bone & Johnny-P (Prod by Professa)

11) Still Official ft Phil Da Agony (Prod by Emazin)

12) Lifestyle ft Termanology & T.O.N.Y. (Prod by Nicademus)

13) Closure ft. Struggle Jennings (Prod by Tek)

14) Cold Game (Prod by Burna Beats)

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