V/A "Dismembered & Unarmed" 2X Vinyl LP

V/A "Dismembered & Unarmed" 2X Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $24.99
  • "Dismembered and Unarmed" is a Collaborative Album Executive Produced by Chaka Mkali (I Self Devine) & Resmaa Menakem
The album, “Dismembered & Unarmed”, was created in conjunction of the book "My Grandmother's Hands" by Resmaa Menakem, and it features local Twin Cities artists such as Brother Ali, Lioness, Metasota, I Self Devine, Lady Midnight, Proper T, Greg Grease & many more. The album itself tackles issues such as police brutality, racial inequality, sexism & more social injustices, all the while combining an overall theme of healing our hearts & bodies.


1) "Here We Go" - Mama Dona, I Self Devine, Mankwe Ndosi, Jamela Pettiford, and Jayanthi Kyle (produced by Greg Grease)

2) "Heightened Anxiety" - Niles, I Self Devine, I–BE, Lady Midnight, and Afrokeys (produced by J.Hard)

3) "You Got It (Parts I & II)" - The Lioness, Greg Grease, and Paris Bennett (produced by J.Hard)

4) "Nobody Left" - I Self Devine, Tek, Alicia Steele, Lady Midnight,
and Bailey Cogan (produced by Budah Tye)

5) "Breathe" -Proper-T and Nate Collis (produced by MMYYKK)


1) "Colors" - Brother Ali, G. P. Jacob, Mike The Martyr, and Bailey Cogan (produced by MMYYKK)

2) "Faded / We The People" - Sarah White, I Self Devine, and Errybody
(produced by MMYYKK / Greg Grease)

3) "Ten Hut" - Budah Tye, I Self Devine, Proper-T, and Nesret Shu-Ankh Theba (produced by Budah Tye)


1) "Processions" - Metasota, I Self Devine, Afrokeys, and Alicia Steele
(produced by Greg Grease)

2) "Black Joy / We The People (Covert/Overt)" - I Self Devine, Jamela Pettiford, Mankwe Ndosi, Izell Pyramid, Jayanthi Kyle, Nate Collis, and Proper-T (produced by MMYYK / Greg Grease)

3) "Strong Friends" - Alibi, Jamela Pettiford, I Self Devine, The Lioness, Proper-T, Afrokeys, and Bailey Cogan (produced by Greg Grease)


1) "Blue Bodies" -I Self Devine (produced by Tek & Medium Zach)

2) "Healing Space" - Izell Pyramid, I Self Devine, Lady Midnight,
and Mankwe Ndosi (produced by Medium Zach)

3) "Nurture & Neglect (Parts I, II & III)" - Jamela Pettiford, Jayanthi Kyle,
Mankwe Ndosi, and Nate Collis (produced by MMYYKK)

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