Camp Lo "The Get Down Brothers + On The Way Uptown" (Anniversary Edition)

Camp Lo "The Get Down Brothers + On The Way Uptown" (Anniversary Edition)

2X Vinyl LP - $19.99
  • Double Album Release in Celebration of Over 20 Years Since Camp Lo's Classic Debut Album "On The Way Uptown"
  • Available on 2X Vinyl LP & 2X CD and Includes Demos & Unreleased Tracks

In celebration of 20+ years since their classic debut Uptown Saturday Night, Bronx duo Camp Lo present a special double-album 2XLP with On The Way Uptown & The Get Down Brothers.

"On The Way Uptown" features a collection of demos and unreleased songs made between ‘94 – ‘95, leading to their official debut in early 1997. Aside from the early versions of their hits “Luchini (AKA This Is It)”, “Sparkle,” “Black Connection,” and “Coolie High”, other standouts include “World Heist”, “Coolie High Is Life” & “A Piece of the Action”.

On "The Get Down Brothers", Camp Lo completely pivot away from their 90s nostalgia into a much more futuristic and experimental sound. Although the production is different, their signature tongue-twisting and hype flows remain, creating a unique and seamless fusion packed into 10 dynamic tracks.

Volume 1

1) Genie Alert

2) Crocket & Tubs

3) Love Is Love

4) Champion Sound

5) Retro

6) Strings

7) Black Connection

8) Train Hop

9) What They Know

10) Lovin It

11) This Is Lo

Volume 2

1) Sugar Streets

2) Coolie High Is Life

3) Short

4) Camp Lo (Bust Ya Down)

5) World Heist

6) Hollywood At The Disco

7) Superfly

8) Bubblin’

9) A Piece Of The Action

10) Crystals & Istols

11) This Is It (Demo)

12) Sparkle (Demo)

13) Say Word (Demo)

14) Krystal Karrington (Demo)

15) Get It In Ya

16) Black Connection (Demo)

17) Coolie High Gotcha Wide (Demo)

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