Daryl Donald "Solitude" Vinyl LP

Daryl Donald "Solitude" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $15.99

Did you know that not every beat has to sound the same? Did you know that music is a possibility to express whatever you want? With a surprisingly clean and nice instrumental production by UK producer Daryl Donald, he will help you feel uplifted, chilled, or full of desire. You’ll never get bored by this wonderful work which fits perfect these dark months of the year.

Track List:

1) Odessa

2) Draped

3) Tender

4) Effigy

5) Smoke Signals 

6) Flow (Interlude)

7) Home

8) Still Life

9) Crown

10) Follow Your Bliss (Interlude)

11) Night Games

12) After Malevich

13) 1000 Faces

14) Nothing

15) Solitude


Type: Music

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