Parish PMD Smith (of EPMD) "Business Mentality" CD

Parish PMD Smith (of EPMD) "Business Mentality" CD

CD - $13.99
  • Featuresξa Brand New Track From EPMD

Business Mentality is Parish's 4th full length solo project and includes tracks featuring some of the best up and coming hip hop talent mentored directly by Parish PMD Smith. As one half of one of the greatest hip hop acts in history, Parish delivers a project that is fitting of a legend. Also included is the first NEW track from EPMD since they released We Mean Business back in 2008!

"Business Mentality is my 4th solo project that has been in the making for the past couple of years. Due to the state of hip-hop, I felt that it was important to get back to the grass roots of Boom Bap while also focusing on lyrical content. On this fourth solo project, I took the opportunity to showcase and introduce new young talent similar to the way I introduced EPMD, Das Efx, Redman, and K-Solo in the past. I'm happy and excited [about it] and the group effort everyone involved has put forth..." -Parish "PMD" Smithξ

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