The Third Guitar "The Third Guitar Album" 10 inch Vinyl

The Third Guitar "The Third Guitar Album" 10 inch Vinyl

Vinyl - $12.59

"Snoopy Dean calls his band Third Guitar. As far as we're concerned, he's first-call all the way on his chosen instrumentŠ—”and a mighty fine singer too. It's high time the rest of you folks all over the U.S. know about him the way we do in his hometown, so I'm here to give you the lowdown.ξ

My man Snoopy's been paying his dues on the Miami R&B scene for years, tearing up the clubs and building a much-deserved reputation as one of the Sunshine State's top axemen. Ever since he put together Third Guitar and started recording for Jack Taylor's Rojac Records (Jack clearly knows talentŠ—”he happens to operate one of New York's top soul labels, with great artists like the legendary Big Maybelle and another of our homegrown talents, Clarence Reid, adorning his vast talent roster), Snoopy's been turning heads all across the country with his hot licks and cool set of pipes. With the release of this knockout album, Mr. Dean will surely be more in demand than ever.ξ

We're predicting big things for Snoopy Dean and his band Third Guitar. We know he's going to make his legion of Miami fans proud as he takes the R&B charts by storm in years to come, and it all starts right here. You can rest assured of one thing: no matter what he calls his band, Snoopy's our First Guitar all the way!"


Track Listing:

1. Been So Long

2. Don't Take Your Love From Me

3. Down To The River

4. Sad Girl

5. Lovin' Lies

6. Baby Don't Cry

7. Baby Don't Cry (Kenny Dope Edit_Instrumental)


Type: Music

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