Jay Mitchell ''Mustang Sally (Rice)'' 12 inch Vinyl

Jay Mitchell ''Mustang Sally (Rice)'' 12 inch Vinyl

Vinyl - $7.49

A massively Caribbean funk take on soul staple "Mustang Sally" by Jay Mitchell in all it's gritty vocal, heavy drum, sweaty, nearly 13 minute glory one of the best bits from Numero's Cult Cargo Grand Bahama Goombay compilation! The a-side features the main version a total stunner from beginning to end and a track that feels almost as much like JB's "Funky Drummer" as it does the Mack Rice original! The thick vamping organ and heavy bass bring a bit of the Islands to the massive funky drums and feverish and loose vocals by Jay Mitchell. Amazing! The flip features as a solid re-edit by LeSpam that keeps all of the charm of long version plus a tropical housey remix by the Shoes crew! (Limited edition of 1000 copies.)

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Type: Music

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