V/A "Eccentric Soul: The Dynamic Label"

V/A "Eccentric Soul: The Dynamic Label"

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Whipped up in the dust of Rene & ReneŠ—Ès Tejano tornado Š—“Angelito,Š—? Dynamic was just one of San Antonio record and real estate mogul Abe EpsteinŠ—Ès enterprises. DynamicŠ—Ès flagship outfit, the Commands, marched Š—“No Time For YouŠ—? to the middle of the charts in 1966 with performance chops honed jet-sharp by the demanding Air Force Base circuit. That takeoff paved a runway for 20 more soulful Dynamic singles over an impressive 30-month campaign. EpsteinŠ—Ès opendoor policy brought a diverse cross-section of Texas talent into convergence within his General McMullan Drive studio, as whites, blacks, and Latinos alike suited up for service in whichever new group the call of duty called for. EpsteinŠ—Ès Alamo City melting pot is ladled out here in 28 of DynamicŠ—Ès most intriguing dishes by the Tonettes, Little Jr. Jesse & the Tear Drops, Don & the Doves, Willie Cooper & the Webs, Bobby Blackmon & His Soul Express, and Doc & Sal.

Track Listing:

  1. Commands- Hey Its Love
  2. Little Jr. Jesse & The Tear Drops- Give Your Love To Me
  3. Tonettes- I Gotta Know
  4. Doc & Sal- Can't Get You Offa My Mind
  5. Commands- I've got Love For My Baby
  6. Willie Cooper & The Webs- You Don't Love Nobody
  7. Little Jr. Jesse & The Tear Drops- Ain't No Big Thing
  8. Commands- No Time For You
  9. Webs- Little Girl Blue
  10. Tonettes- My Heart Can Feel The Pain
  11. Doc & Sal- Cry and Wonder Why
  12. Commands- Don't Be Afraid To Love Me
  13. Willie Cooper & The Webs- I Can't Take No More
  14. Don & The Doves- Together
  15. Webs- Don't Ever Hurt Me
  16. Commands- Must Be Alright
  17. Bobby Blackmon & The Soul Express- She's Gotta Have Soul
  18. Doc & Sal- Laughing To Keep From Crying
  19. Webs- Try Loving Me
  20. Commands- Too Late To Cry
  21. Doc & Sal- My Dream
  22. Little Jr. Jesse & The Tear Drops- If You Don't Love Me
  23. Webs- Can't Let You Go
  24. Commands- A Way To Love Me
  25. Little Jr. Jesse & The Tear Drops- It Keeps Rainin'
  26. Don & The Doves- I Need You
  27. Bobby Blackmon & The Soul Express- You'll Find Another
  28. Commands- Around The Go-Go

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