Various Artists "The Rough Guide To Delta Blues" (Vinyl LP)

Various Artists "The Rough Guide To Delta Blues" (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl - $19.99
This Rough Guide traces its early origins with classic tracks by many delta legends as well as lesser known artists shrouded in mystery. Includes a digital download card which contains extra tracks.

  1. Bukka White Special Streamline (1940)
  2. Tommy Johnson Bye Bye Blues (1928)
  3. Skip James Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues (1931)
  4. Robert Wilkins I'll Go With Her (1930)
  5. Bo Carter Who's Been Here? (1938)
  6. Sonny Boy Nelson Street Walkin' (1936)
  7. Charley Patton Poor Me (1934)
  8. Willie Brown M & O Blues (1930)
  9. Mississippi Bracey Stered Gal (1930)
  10. Mattie Delaney Tallahatchie River Blues (1930)
  11. Son House Country Farm Blues (1942)
  12. Kid Bailey Rowdy Blues (1929)
  13. Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe I'm Talking About You (1930)
  14. Ishman Bracey Trouble Hearted Blues (Take 2) (1928)

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