Dub Club "Foundation Come Again" CD

Dub Club "Foundation Come Again" CD

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Since 2000, Dub Club has carved out an indelible presence in the worldwide reggae scene Š—– drawing huge crowds each week to check out the best artists from Jamaica perform alongside the venerable Dub Club DJs. The man behind the night and Foundation Come Again is Tom Chasteen, who over the last twenty years has been making waves not only as a club promoter, but also as a DJ and producer.

It was a revelation for Chasteen when he discovered that the artists who made the classic reggae 45s he was playing each week were still out there and ready to perform. He started tracking them down and flying them in to Los Angeles to play at the Dub Club.

Chasteen, along with Jamaican artist Tippa Lee, jointly produced Foundation Come Again. Each track is a new recording featuring dancehall icons that have be graced the stage of the celebrated Dub Club. The tracks were recorded over several years in both LA and Jamaica. A hand picked band of LA-based reggae musicians tracked a long list of thumping instrumentals under ChasteenŠ—Ès direction before the vocal contributions were added in Jamaica. Tippa Lee recorded many of the vocals during one trip to Kingston where he rounded up the Š—“whoŠ—Ès whoŠ—? of rarely heard sound system legends for some marathon sessions at Mixing Lab studios. Well-known in Kingston, Lee made his first recording at King TubbyŠ—Ès studio at the age of 12, and had a Jamaican #1 hit in the Š—…80s with Š—“No Trouble WeŠ—?. He contributes the standout Š—“Hey Mr. Big ManŠ—? here.

Track Listing:ξ

  1. Paper And Penξ
  2. Hard Time
  3. Revolutionξ
  4. Bring The Sensi Comeξ
  5. Wicked Dem Drop
  6. Every Herbs Man Is A Star
  7. Around The Worldξ
  8. Hey Mr. Big Man
  9. Rolling Stone
  10. CanŠ—Èt Stop The Ras
  11. Gimmie Gimmie
  12. Sensimilla
  13. Chant Down Babylon
  14. Ride Riddim
  15. Hear Me Now Star
  16. Meditation Trance
  17. Black Shadow
  18. Selassiel Rule
  19. Healing Of The Nationξ
  20. Satta

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