Lee Perry & The Full Experience "Disco Devil" Vinyl EP

Lee Perry & The Full Experience "Disco Devil" Vinyl EP

Vinyl EP - $14.99

For Black Friday Record Store Day 2017, your friends at Get On Down bring you a beautiful package of roots reggae weirdness from the almighty Upsetter: Lee Š—“ScratchŠ—? Perry. This red vinyl 12Š—? with a stamped outer sleeve features the song Š—“Disco Devil,Š—? recorded by the legendary Jamaican mad genius with the group The Full Experience, as a version of Max RomeoŠ—Ès Š—“Chase the Devil.Š—? But donŠ—Èt jump to conclusions based on the song title Š—– musically this is as far as you can get from Saturday Night Fever. Thick, reverb-drenched dub/roots reggae laced with PerryŠ—Ès dusted vocals and brilliant work behind the boards are on the menu throughout. This cut is undeniably underrated in PerryŠ—Ès catalog and fans will eat this up, since it has always been hard to find on 7Š—? and 12Š—? for many years now.

Side A:

Disco Devil (12" Mix)

Side B:

Disco Devil (7" Mix)

Type: Music

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