Revolutionaries "Musical Dub Attack"

Revolutionaries "Musical Dub Attack"

Vinyl - $20.99

Killer and rare late '70s dub LP, which is in fact the dub companion to I Roy's "Musical Shark Attack" LP. If you know Channel 1 albums, then you know that LP is loaded with the hardest late '70s Channel 1 roots rhythms. What most people don't know however, is that I Roy's album was actually voiced over this dub LP, as it was completed and ready before Channel set about making a new I Roy album. This is one fantastic dub LP, now properly issued, direct from master tape, in a newly designed jacket made to match the I Roy album, a companion piece in design and music. Eleven killer slices of Revolutionaries dub from 29 Maxfield Avenue, this is a Musical Dub Attack!


1. Semi Classical Natty Dubξ
2. Musical Dub Attackξ
3. Dub Soundξ
4. Is Dub I A Deal Withξ
5. Dub Developmentξ
6. Jamboree Dubξ
7. Skyjuice And Festival Dubξ
8. Dub For Your Lifeξ
9. Dub For Michael Holdingξ
10. Everybody DubbinŠ—È?
11. Dub For Marcus Garvey

Type: Music

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