J.J. Johnson "Willie Dynamite" Original Soundtrack

J.J. Johnson "Willie Dynamite" Original Soundtrack

Vinyl LP - $24.99

Appreciators of '70s blaxploitation cinema consistently rank Willie Dynamite among the best that the genre had to offer, and the soundtrack is no exception as it is truly one of the top blaxploitation soundtracks of all time. The soundtrack features "Parade Strut", as sampled by Massive Attack, Wu-Tang Clan, etc. Continuing with it's Respect The Classics campaign, UMe is reissuing this soundtrack back on vinyl, bringing this classic back to life.

Side A
A1. Willie D
A2. Willie Chase (Instrumental)
A3. King Midas
A4. Willie Escapes (Instrumental)
A5. Passion's Dilemma (Instrumental)
Side B:
B1. Keep On Movin' On
B2. Make It Right
B3. Parade Strut (Instrumental)
B4. Gospel Family
B5. Willie D

Type: Music

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