14KT "Nowalataz" Vinyl LP

14KT "Nowalataz" Vinyl LP

Vinyl - $16.99
Š—“Here it is... a project I unofficially had done since 06.Š—È It started when Dilla passed February of 06.Š—È To cope with the death of my unofficial Š—“musical mentorŠ—? & favorite producer, I started making Š—“donutsŠ—?, uncontrollably. I never planned to release any of the material out of respect for Dilla & his craft. IŠ—Ève shared some of the music with others, in which they would constantly ask me to hear it, so I decided to put a lil sumthing together and make it official. JUST FOR YAŠ—ÈLL. This is a collection of beats I made in 06.Š—È Some Š—“donutsŠ—? style, some just around that era of 14KT beats. Š—“Now & LatersŠ—? was always a favorite candy of mine. I used to go to Mindells Pharmacy in Ypsi back in the day and buy ALL of them. Sadly I even stole change from my grandmaŠ—Ès (RIP) purse for them. Ironically, I fell back in love with Š—“Now and LatersŠ—? around this era. Enjoy.Š—? - 14KT


Track List

1) Verbal Intercourse

2) The Name Game

3) Cherish

4) T &A

5) Gee Whiz

6) My Heart & I

7) Needing To Win (0-16)

8) The Meaning

9) Sweet Tee Ish

10) Slave 2 Dope

11) I Still Buy Vinyl

12) Hello.

13) Whateva U Want

14) Sunrise 06Š—È

15) True

16) Without

17) Black N Gold


Type: Music

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