Ironlak 15mm Pump Action Paint Marker

Ironlak 15mm Pump Action Paint Marker

Gold - $6.39
Sold Out
Chrome - $6.39
Sold Out
Roarke (Black) - $6.39
Sold Out
Cameleon (Lt G... - $6.39
Aspen (White) - $6.39
Frazetta (Turq... - $6.39
Violence (Lt. ... - $6.39
Soviet (Red) - $6.39
Sold Out
Delicious (Pink) - $6.39
Sold Out


Ironlak's 15mm Paint Marker. Filled with acrylic paint consisting of a combination of water and alcohol allowing premium performance, quick dry time and a focus on health. Water soluble but permanent when dry. Stronger adhesion and more flexibility than other brands. Unique nib which allows the paint to flow freely meaning no streaking and a clean even coverage.

Available in 15 Colours, which are based on existing Ironlak spraypaint colours.

Markers are refillable. Refill bottles sold separately.

Designed by writers for writers.

Type: Art Supplies

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