Aceyalone "Lighting Strikes" CD

Aceyalone "Lighting Strikes" CD

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Aceyalone has always been known for his groundbreaking musical styles and with his latest project Lightning Strikes, the LA legend is sure not to disappoint. The dancehall and sound selector scene of the islands is ultimately what led to the birth of Hip-Hop, so it was only natural for Aceyalone to be drawn to this style of music when he began creating this concept album. Working with LA producer Bionik, who has a knack for crafting dub, dancehall and reggae inspired tracks, Aceyalone went into the lab and began work on the first in a series of albums inspired by other genres of music (jazz, funk and world music records are coming next). The result is a new sound that blends Aceyalone's vocals with the up-tempo vibes of dancehall and the laid back grooves of reggae. The single 'Easy", which features Chali 2Na of Jurassic 5 is a fast-paced burner sure to incite dancefloors while other tracks on the album like Jungle Musik and To The Top are just all around good tunes for any occasions. This project will please Aceyalone's core audience while simultaneously opening the doors to a new group of fans!!


Track Listing:

1. Lightning Strikes

2. Suicide

3. Sound Gun

4. Easy feat. Chali 2na

5. Genie

6. Pick a Part feat. Jah Orah

7. Shango

8. To The Top

9. When I Woke

10. Pose (REMIX)

11. Supercool

12. Master feat. Jah Orah

13. Help Us All

14. Jungle Muzik feat Jah Orah

15. Top Choice

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