Adriana Evans "Nomadic" CD

Adriana Evans "Nomadic" CD

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Adriana Evans also known as Adriana Madera is a singer songwriter that possesses an enormous talent. Her debut album on PMP/Loud/RCA records was truly ahead of the curve. It was one of the first so called "Neo Classic Soul" records. Adriana hated the over processed sound of nineties R&B. She and her musical collaborator, Dred Scott decided to take their music in a completely different direction. This meant using real strings and horns, a tight rhythm section with actual human beings sitting together playing live music. This was a simple but revolutionary concept at that time. Music has always been an integral part of Adriana's life. The daughter of a jazz singer raised in the Haight/Asbury district of San Francisco. Growing up she grooved to everything from Afro Cuban music to Led Zeppelin and everything in between. Now with her new release Nomadic she is once again ahead of the curve. Her new collection is an eclectic mix of Latin, Soul, Rock and Jazz. It is done in a manner that only Evans could accomplish. She has created a sound that is current yet timeless.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro: Walk Into the Sun
  2. Remember the Love (Samba soul mix)
  3. Cold As Ice
  4. In Search of
  5. What It Is
  6. Something
  7. I Had A Dream
  8. Midnight In Bahia
  9. 7 Days
  10. Morning Light
  11. I Hear Music
  12. Rollin' On
  13. Former Self
  14. 7 Days (music video) Bonus track


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