AF The Naysayer Feat. Myka Nine "Imagerial Denouement" 7inch Vinyl

AF The Naysayer Feat. Myka Nine "Imagerial Denouement" 7inch Vinyl

7 Inch Vinyl - $10.99

An ode to Japanese hip-hop producer Nujabes, “Imagerial Denouement,” – with its A-Side featuring lyrics by Myka Nine and the crisp instrumental on the B-Side –builds on a bluesy jazz base and taking a page from the musicians that fill New Orleans jazz clubs, expands to explore the space until the listener is left with a deep pool to sink into. Myka Nine’s signature rapid fire rap rhythms coupled with his pioneering harmonic tones turn “Imagerial Denouement into a short, soulful symphony that is arguably one of Myka’s greatest recent lyrical contributions.


AF THE NAYSAYER A native of Southern California’s Los Angeles area, AF THE NAYSAYER (born Amahl Abdul-Khaliq) now splits his time between the towns of Lake Charles, La. and the boisterous New Orleans where he has become an indispensable part of the Crescent City’s burgeoning electronic producer scene. Despite flying under the radar outside of the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas – except for gaining a growing cult following through releasing music featured in a string of BMX videos – AF THE NAYSAYER has produced laidback, funky beats for several years, always eclectic and never sacrificing tonal complexity or elaboration in search for rhythm.” The subtle complexity of AF’s production is displayed in lush, ethereal synths that speak to the inner essence of the individual as his well thought out percussion sweeps the listener to a dimension his sonic aesthetic creates for her to hide in.

Track Listing;

  1. Imagerial Denouement” feat. Myka Nine 
  2. Imagerial Denouement” (Instrumental)

Type: Music

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