Ahwlee "1991" Vinyl LP

Ahwlee "1991" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $15.99

Long Beach serial chiller Ahwlee is a beat vet who delivers smooth buttery samples with a nostalgic vibe. 1991 is a cult classic cassette now issued for the first time on vinyl. These tracks are dusty, mellow and easy-going. DonŠ—Èt mistake mellow for boring, however, because AhwleeŠ—Ès production is nuanced and intricate underneath the minimalist overtones. ThereŠ—Ès jazzed-up Rhodes all over the place, and the percussion work masterfully includes a ton of negative space in between perfectly chopped breaks. TheyŠ—Èll get your head nodding.

Track List:ξ

1) Woe

2) Tbl. 36

3) Rainin.

4) Tandem.

5) Footshe.

6) Eldo.

7) 86.

8) Gonna_Go. [Somtim]

9) Thumpr

10) Loves_Fair.

11) Tranquills

12) Neglect.

13) HI_Point.

14) Inst. [TooMuch]

15) I_Knw

16) Still

17) Sigh.

18) Hofbrau. [HollrBak]

19) O_Well.

Type: Music

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