AKD & Deepstar "Universal Language" (CD)

AKD & Deepstar "Universal Language" (CD)

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The core purpose of this album was to celebrate the universal language that is Hip Hop which is felt globally from people of all sex, race, religious/nonreligious and cultural backgrounds and this is further reinforced by the diversity of the artists involved in the record as well as the lyrical content but it is also a creation born from the shared love of golden era boom bap.


1.Connection Intro 
2.One & The Same ft Rapsody 
3.No Mercy ft AG 
4.All In The Mind ft Tragedy Khadafi, Nutso, DJ Rob Swift 
5.Lauryn Said 
6.A Yo ft Eunice, DJ SRG 
7.Familiar Names 
8.Language Universal ft Dälek 
9.Dead Live ft Cyclonious 
10.Dead Wax Radio 
11.Good Evening ft Tanaya Harper 
12.No Time To Waste 03:47
13.Untold Degrees ft Night Pro, DJ Dave Young 
14.Good Poison ft Sadat X 
15.The Candle ft Big Cakes, Phoenix Da Icefire 
16.Artistry ft Masta Ace
17.Be For Real ft G.dot & Born 
18.What Happened ft Stealth 

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