Akere "Blue Sphinx"

Akere "Blue Sphinx"

Vinyl LP - $14.69

Debut album from soulful trip hop trio from Munich!

The trio of singer Sarah Sulai, Hans Hustle, producer and guitarist, and drum pad enthusiast Manu L One takes the listener on a journey somewhere, though exactly where is hard to tell. Maybe it's somewhere between worlds; a parallel dimension between Hip Hop and Jazz, glitch drums and gentle harmonies, between groaning synthesizers and warm guitar riffs; somewhere between narrowness and infinite space.

Inspired by artists such as Flying Lotus and Portishead, Akere experiments and creates music that lands far away from any stereotype. The group does not force a mix of existing genres. Instead, the resulting sound feels natural and effortless. Akere makes the music they want to make, or they have to make, or simply, that they make.


1. Put The Mask On
2. Polycolour Madness
3. Atman
4. Flying
5. Sahara Dreams
6. Flowercut
7. Grey It Is
8. VSNS (Raygun Edit)
9. Everything About You
10. Slumber

Type: Music

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