Alkis Livanthinos "Hue: Official Soundtrack" 2X Vinyl LP

Alkis Livanthinos "Hue: Official Soundtrack" 2X Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $26.99
  • Limited Edition Blue & Purple Colored 180 Gram Vinyl! 
  • Available on Vinyl For The First Time & Includes 4 Exclusive Bonus Tracks + Download Card

The Cologne-based record label Black Screen Records and Fiddlesticks Games, the developer of the indie sensation Hue, are teaming up to release the game’s critically acclaimed soundtrack by composer Alkis Livathinos as a limited collector’s edition on vinyl for the very time. The soundtrack comes on audiophile 180g colored double vinyl, in a beautiful laser-cut gatefold sleeve with original
artwork, full-coloured inner sleeves on heavy-weight cardboard, four exclusive and unreleased bonus tracks and remixes, sheet music for the heartbreaking Hue Main Theme and a unique download code to get the mp3s for free.

Hue is a vibrant, award-winning puzzle adventure, where you alter the world by changing its background colour. The game’s world is far from black and white - although everyone in his world sees in greyscale. On a journey to solve his mother’s disappearance, players piece together her discarded research, uncovering the ability to see and alter colour. As the background shifts between shades, rifts form and obstacles slip between realities. Along the way, Hue will
meet a vast cast of imaginative characters in a witty and wonderful world filled with brilliantly inventive puzzles and a genuine sense of wonder.

Track List:

1. Dearest Hue (Hue Main Theme)
2. Prelude
3. Home
4. Fragments
5. Droplets
6. Brink of Unreality
7. Impossible Colours
8. Autumn
9. Vessels
10. Blood and Wine
11. Dem Bones
12. To Forget
13. Knowledge
14. Civilisations Lost
15. Elysian
16. Breakthrough
17. Great Machines
18. A Coloured Image of the Sun
19. Distant Flurries
20. Paths
21. The Both of Us
22. Surfaced Memories
23. Hallowed Halls
24. Mistakes
25. Apex
26. Reconciliation
27. A Grey Mist
28. Reunion
29. With Compliments (Hue Credits)

Type: Music

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