Alpman "Tintm b/w Hypnotic Redhead" 7 inch Vinyl

Alpman "Tintm b/w Hypnotic Redhead" 7 inch Vinyl

7 Inch Vinyl - $9.99

ALPMAN taps into instrumental psychedelic moods and funk-inspired grooves to create a whole new genre dubbed spychedelic. The a-side, Š—“tintm,Š—? is a break-filled track, and although this is not Turkish music, the fuzzed-out baó™lama inspired guitar riff cannot be unheard as it carries things to an absolute hypnotizing groove. On the flip, the groove comes just as quick and youŠ—Èll hear some flavours of trip-hop, spy and lounge music, all of which will get you moving and tripping like a Š—“Hypnotic Redhead.Š—?


Gunes Alpman aka Alpman is an 18 year old Turkish musician and producer. Picking up and learning to play the guitar at 6, itŠ—Ès now 12 years later heŠ—Ès blending fuzzed-out baó™lama inspired guitar riffs, a driving beat and the Hammond B3 to create distinctive and atmospheric instrumental cuts. Influenced by funk, psychedelic rock, afrobeat and soul jazz, Alpman creates a sound that feels familiar but that is somehow completely fresh

Š—“My point is to blend the 1970Š—Ès imperfect sound with the depressive and dark feelings of 21st century urban life. Š—“ - Alpman

His debut 7-inch on Kept Records captures this theme with two killer cuts. Calling it global grooves, worldbeat or psych-funk would be imprecise. Those influence may be there, but listen to the whole, and youŠ—Èll soon hear what it really is: Instrumental Spychedelic Funk.

Track Listing;

Side 1: tintmξ

Side 2: Hypnotic Redhead

Type: Music

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