Anatoly Ice "Something Happened (2ME) b/w Light" (7" Vinyl)

Anatoly Ice "Something Happened (2ME) b/w Light" (7" Vinyl)

7" Vinyl - $10.99

The Cold Busted label unearths more funky nuggets from the fertile Russian soil with this brilliant 7Š—“ single from MoscowŠ—Ès Anatoly Ice. DJ, producer, and host of the Funk and Beyond parties and radio show (running for nearly ten years), Anatoly Ice has been drawn to the swing of a phat beat for a long while. This single bursts with old school funk and new school attitude, beginning with Š—?Something Happened (2Me)Š—“. A vintage drum kit and melodic horns are joined by a big hip hop rhythm as the vocals and horn section are expertly cut up and rearranged. The songŠ—Ès catchy hook Š—– also the title Š—– is left nearly intact and should playfully dance around any b-boyŠ—Ès head as he does his thing. Flip the record for Š—?LightŠ—?, which exhibits a strutting breakbeat and some G-funk sauce in its prominent synth line. Funky piano, guitar, and bass provide the backdrop, soundtracking a midnight cruise through the bad (as in good) part of town. Hold tight Š—_ Anatoly Ice is at the wheel.


Type: Music

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