Antioch "King Of The Forest" CD

Antioch "King Of The Forest" CD

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Weird. A term that the native-Minnesotan Antioch is far too familiar with. Antioch harnesses this “weirdness” into creating an imaginative project that is at times humorous and ridiculous [Marlin Branflow, Bravado], and yet other times it touches a more serious tone [Church, Prozac Daytrips]. Amidst all of the emotional changes emerges a high quality album which definitely makes Antioch surface as a new contender in the Twin Cities Hip-Hop scene.


To assist Antioch on King Of The Forest, there is Dem Atlas from the Minnesota Hip-Hop label Rhymesayers, Lydia Liza of the group Bomba De Luz, and Minneapolis Hip-Hop legend Carnage The Executioner, and many more all laying down vocals to add their flavor to the album. The majority of the beats for this project were created by the collective known as SOFTPORECORN. All of the audio engineering, production, mixing, and mastering were fulfilled by Common Culture.


King Of The Forest answers the age-old question, “It’s good… but is it plaque good?”. The album is PLAQUE GOOD.

Track Listing:

  1. Prozac Daytrips (with Dem Atlas)
  2. Church
  3. Martin Branflow
  4. Mason Jars
  5. Snuggles
  6. Bravado
  7. Lose
  8. Bottom Of The Bottle
  9. Rich Like Me
  10. Everyday Life
  11. My Foundation
  12. Other Side


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