Asphate "Closed Doors To An Open Mind" Vinyl LP

Asphate "Closed Doors To An Open Mind" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $12.99
  • Includes download code with full album and instrumentals, as well as digital lyric-photobook, in G4 label jackets with art print by LETER91, a fellow Scarce Elementz member alongside Asphate himselfξ
  • Produced by Makerξ& features guest appearances byξQwel, Qwazaar, Hellsent & DJ Touch Nice
Known for his apathy towards public or laymen opinion of the nuances of the art of MCing, Š—…Phate is heralded in underground circles as "an M.CŠ—Ès M.C" Though tenured in trueschool freestyle battle format from his start in the mid-late Š—…90s, his last 4 penned albums and 3 vinyl records have been anything but battle pieces, covering both the seen and unseen of the universe, introspection, world views, conceded uncertainty in the left hand, and intense conviction of the right. Described by the less-traveled as hip hop for intellects, the M.CŠ—Ès work balances fluid rhyme prowess and raw finesse with power poetics.ξ

"Closed Doors to An Open Mind" is hardly a deviation from this trend, yet covers new terrain in that all tracks were produced by Maker, also of G4 and Qwel & Maker lore. The 10 track LP guest features Qwel & Qwazaar of Typical Cats, Hellsent of Outerlimitz as well as Dj TouchNice of Maxilla Blue on several tracks including 1 of 2 embedded instrumentals.ξ

Track List:ξ
1. Fathom
2. Muad 'Dib featuring Qwel, Qwazaar, Hellsent & DJ Touch Nice
3. Meticulously Made featuring DJ Touch Nice
4. Pipe Dreams featuring DJ Touch Nice
5. A Shadow's True Colors featuring DJ Touch Nice
6. Gooonzo
7. Silence's Slight
8. Impasse featuring DJ Touch Nice
9. The Miser's Will
10. Open Mind

Type: Music

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