Asterix Music "Cupid's Arrow" 7 Inch Vinyl

Asterix Music "Cupid's Arrow" 7 Inch Vinyl

7 Inch Vinyl - $12.99

Funk is a dish best served hot and these two modern funk anthems are bound to get your body temperature up. “Cupid’s Arrow” recounts a tale of genuine love at first sight over an infectious synth funk groove, it’s honest and true to life content make it very relate-table to anyone who has been awestruck by a woman’s beauty. “Let Your Body Show you How” is an up-tempo modern funk tune that covers the story of a young man who conquers a high school crush after a chance meeting. The songs hypnotic bass line and hard-hitting drums are well complemented by Asterix Music’s silky vocals.

Side One:

Cupids Arrow

Side Two:

Let Your Body Show You How

Type: Music

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