Astralblak "Seeds" CD

Astralblak "Seeds" CD

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  • "Seeds is a gem for fans of artists like BLVCK SPVDE, J*Davey, Society of Soul, Parliament and Sa-Ra Creative Partners." - OKAYPLAYER

Minneapolis has a long history of distinctive R&B styles and flavors. Astralblak (fka ZULUZULU) arrived in 2014 and began to expand on that with an eye on the future but with respect to the past: “I see it as the next chapter of the Minneapolis sound” says guitarist Art Parte. One of their first shows was playing a Clash tribute; months later landing on First Avenue's Best New Bands 2014. After bursting onto the scene the band took a hiatus and gathered to build collectively and contribute to the new vanguard of black music.

Astralblak is made up of five musicians/producers: MMYYKK, Proper T, Greg Grease, DJ Just Nine & Art Parte armed with various synths, drum machines, and instruments set out to bring a new, exploratory modern sound influenced by the greats of funk, soul, and jazz with electronic excursions, hard grooves, Afro-futurism and soulful melodies. Astralblak explores the psyche and searching for Black Excellence: “Astralblak is church, it's therapy, it's family, It's a space where we can express ourselves freely as black men with no limitations”, states multi-instrumentalist/vocalist MMYYKK. The band works in communal fashion and continually seeks a greater a truth. The band see the groups mission as part of a bigger movement “we see Astralblak as a vessel, a spiritual, sonic culmination of our experiences and influences from our ancestors”.

Track List: 

1. Left Lost
2. Seeds 
3. Sand Houses 
4. Jerkin 
5. Feels  
6. Arms 
7. Astral Elegance 
8. Projection Mapping
9. Prelude 
10. Money Ft. The Lioness 
11. Coolers & Cocaine 
12. Wanna Be Saved 
13. Dues 
14. Waves 
15. Keep It Movin' 

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