Atomic Forest "Obsession" CD

Atomic Forest "Obsession" CD

CD - $18.99

The collected recordings (1973-1977) of Indias best-known psychedelic rock ensemble, and the story behind their genesis in an extensive booklet full of rare photographs.


Now-Again Records presents an important document of Indias little know psychedelic rock period. Obsession collects a wealth of rare and unreleased psychedelic rock and funk from the various incarnations of the Atomic Forest.


The Atomic Forests mix of blistering, fuzzy rock and synth-lead funk inspired collectors the world over to fork over thousands of dollars for original copies of their solitary release, Obession 77 . Part of the interest certainly stemmed from its liberal doses of searing fuzz guitar. Part of it sprung from the oddity of it all: India, a country that had, quite literally, churned out tens of thousands of albums during psych- and hard-rocks heyday, only produced this one, lonely psychedelic album? Part of it sprung from the albums rarity: unknown for years, Obsession 77 suddenly became a top want on every global-rock collectors short-list. Now, packaged in a paste on CD Sleeve with O-Card, this ungodly fusion of funk and psychedelia along with Egons extensive liner notes and annotation is available to all.

Track Listing:

  1. Obsession 77 (Fast)
  2. Locomotive Breath
  3. Mary Long
  4. Sunshine Day
  5. I Saw Her Standing There
  6. Obsession 77 (Slow) 
  7. Butterfly Version 1
  8. Theme From The Godfather 
  9. Windmills Of Your Mind
  10. Theme From The Fox
  11. Butterfly Version 2
  12. Booboo Lullaby
  13. Man, Youre Not Number One
  14. Travel On
  15. Jeff Beck Excerpt
  16. Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say)
  17. Foxy Lady

Type: Music

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