Ayatollah "Fingertips" Vinyl LP

Ayatollah "Fingertips" Vinyl LP

Vinyl - $9.60

"It's raw, it's cutting edge, and it's soulful," describes Tollah. As has been well documented, Ayatollah still uses his trusty Akai MPC 60, meaning the music on the album did in fact come straight from the tips of some famously dusty fingers.

Track Listing:

  1. The Entrance
  2. Some Superfly Shit
  3. Brotherly Love
  4. Change
  5. The Battle
  6. Listen To This
  7. It Came From His Fingertips
  8. Atlantis
  9. Waiting For A Miracle
  10. Nod Your Head
  11. I Am What I Am
  12. Funky Fresh
  13. A Penny For Your Thoughts
  14. Black
  15. Taking A Walk
  16. Illmatic
  17. Nothing But The Best
  18. Plain As Day
  19. Could It Be Him
  20. Relaxation

Type: Music

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