K-def & The 45 King "Back To The Beat" LP

K-def & The 45 King "Back To The Beat" LP

Vinyl LP - $19.99

When K-Def mentioned to his friends at Redef that he knew pioneering producer 45 King, it led to two questions: Š—“What is he up to and when can we work with him?Š—? The 45 Kingξwas only a phone call and a 10 minute drive away. Afterξinitiating the recording session, K immediately went intoξA&R mode to complete Š—“Back to the Beat,Š—? an instrumentalξexhibition that features the two producers trading ideas.ξ

During the last several years, K-Def has arguably provenξto be the hardest working man in the production business,ξconsistently releasing at least 4 albums of brand newξconceptual material annually. From working under MarleyξMarl in the early 90Š—Ès to producing for P. Diddy in the lateξ2000Š—Ès, K-DefŠ—Ès career has eclipsed two decades, but it wasξa man by the name of DJ Mark the 45 King who inspired Kξyears before his professional career began. The 45 King hasξbeen behind some the biggest names in hip-hop and beyond,ξfrom Gangstarr, Eric B & Rakim, to Jay-Z, Eminem andξeven Madonna.

Conceptually, it is not the first release of itŠ—Ès kind as someξmay remember 45 King collabs with Louie Louie or theξT.C.S. in the late 80Š—Ès/ early 90Š—Ès. Sonically, the album isξcomposed of 2 personalities that communicate, complimentξand compete while the audience is engaged. 45 King leadsξthe show while K-Def is his lead soloist. In pure form,ξboth identities are on display showcasing the technicalityξin simplicity taking a Š—“crawl before you walkŠ—? approach.ξIn the immortal words of T. La Rock, Redefinition Recordsξis proud to present Š—“Back to the BeatŠ—?. ThereŠ—Ès more thanξenough hard drums and catchy samples to live up to the title.ξThank you K-Def for making history in 2014 with the 45ξKing.

Track Listing:

1. Jaguar
2. Back The The Basics
3. Leopard
4. Taste
5. Lion
6. Wasting Time
7. Tiger
8. Can You Feel It
9. Chances Taken
10. Cheetah
11. Bob Cat Lude


Type: Music

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