BB King "Blues is King" CD

BB King "Blues is King" CD

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By the second half of the 1960s, blues hero B.B. King (Born Riley B. King) hadξrefined and tightened his criss-crossing guitar and singing style into a powerfulξsonic force of blues music, and his peak years of mainstream success hadn't evenξreached him yet. The Mississippi-born performer had developed a potent reputation as a showman both for his own technical prowess, and his charisma andξability to command and captivate an audience.
1967's live album Blues Is King puts this live performance dexterity on full display,ξin the very city of electric blues' inception. Originally recorded in a Chicago club oneξNovember night in 1966, King and a group of session heavyweights unleash a setξof standards and originals upon an eager audience.
B.B. King is flanked by several revered blues sidemen including Sonny Freeman onξdrums, Kenneth Sands on trumpet, and Louis Satterfield on bass, to name just aξfew. In the end, the star of Blues Is King is King himself, frequently bantering withξthe club audience, and spinning musical stories of heartache and rage with hisξimpassioned vocal roar, and precision blues guitar zeal. An unequivocal must-haveξfor any blues fanatic, and a perfect audio depiction of King's invigorating live act.
Track Listing:

1. WaitinŠ—È On You

2. GamblerŠ—Ès Blues

3. Tired Of Your Jive

6. DonŠ—Èt Answer The Door

8. I Know What YouŠ—Ère PuttinŠ—È Down

10. Gonna Keep On Loving You

4. Night Life

5. Buzz Me

7. Blind Love

9. Baby Get Lost

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