Berto Pisano and Jacques Chaumont "Kill!" Vinyl LP

Berto Pisano and Jacques Chaumont "Kill!" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $22.99

"This soundtrack has everything: driving percussion workouts, strange creepy celestial wordless vocals, nimble orchestral jazz stylings and pensive scraping free-form avant tom-foolery. Sheer brilliance!" -A Sound Awareness

  • First Ever Official LP reissue of this 1971 classic
  • Limited Edition Deluxe 180 Gram Vinyl
  • Remastered from the Original Master Tapes
  • Includes Two Previously Unreleased Tracks (one a haunting vocalization from ill-fated star Jean Sedberg)
  • Exclusive Liner Notes, Original Artwork and Rare Photos

Side A:

1) Kill Them All!

2) Nella Moschea

3) Hiasmina

4) Allucinazioni

5) Inchiesta

6) Khanpur

7) Hiasmina

Side B:

1) To Jean

2) Senza Tregua

3) Il Deserto

4) Souk Tawil

5) Inchiesta

6) Kill Them All

Type: Music

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