B-Girl Be 2006 Dvd

B-Girl Be 2006 Dvd

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Due to the small number of female practitioners in hip hop during its thirty plus years of development, usually women formed the female of an all boy crew, serving as the oddity or the novelty. Yet because of this, women created global networks as a method of gendered solidarity. At B-Girl Be we want to not only recognize and celebrate the role of women in hip hop, but also empower future generations of girls and boys alike to claim their place by experiencing, visualizing, interpreting and organizing hip hop on their own terms. 

B-Girl Be: A Celebration of Women in Hip Hop 2006 aims to develop from what was created last year as the first summit of its kind. We offered a unique gathering where the execution of hip hop met up with its conceptualization through praxis as well as theory. Audiences of over 3000 people came together amongst over one hundred local, national and international hip hop artists to learn and practice the individual elements of break dancing, aerosol art, rapping, and turntablism. Keeping with our desire to challenge the norm B-Girl Be went beyond the four-element hip hop model to offer new gendered dimensions to essential exponents of these such as audio and visual production, exhibition, fashion, entrepreneurship, and scholarship.

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