Big Bill Broonzy "Do That Guitar Rag (1928-1935)" Vinyl LP

Big Bill Broonzy "Do That Guitar Rag (1928-1935)" Vinyl LP

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The post-war electric blues sound that came out of Chicago could not have been possible without the influence of Big Bill Broonzy, who foresaw the arrival of electric instruments as easly as 1942. Even before then, Broonzy had recorded upwards of 224 songs between 1927 and 1942; country blues songs which took cues from roots folk music, ragtime, spirituals, and even hokum, and proved to be quite popular. So much so that he was one of the few bluesmen to find steady performing work during the great depression. As with so many other of his contemporaries, his works later found new life during the early folk
revival of the 50s, where his renewed fortunes allowed him to tour with the likes of Pete Seeger and Brownie McGhee. He continued to tour and perform up to his death in 1958 from throat cancer.

Though Big Bill Broonzy set a blueprint for the electric blues sound championed by Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon, his early folk-blues material was nothing to pass by. His peak period between 1928 and 1935 is the focus of Do That Guitar Rag, a collection which barely scratches the surface of the dozens of singles he recorded for labels like Vocalion, Okeh, and Paramount, and would go on to influence greats like Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, and Jeff Beck, among many others.

Side A:

1) Pig Meat Strut
2) Down In The Basement
3) Terrible Operation Blues
4) Big Bill Blues
5) Leave My Man Alone
6) Bull Cow Blues
7) Grandma's Farm

Side B:

1) Guitar Rag
2) Pussy Cat Blues
3) Mr. Conductor Man
4) Worrying You Off My Mind (Pt. 1)
5) Double Trouble Blues
6) Skoodle Do Do
7) C & A Blues

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