Big Quarters "Party Like A Young Commie" CD

Big Quarters "Party Like A Young Commie" CD

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Sonically, Party Like A Young Commie just sounds and feels good. Although it may not have been meant in this context, Medium Zachs, This is growth at its finest quote on Humble Servants exists as a perfect and simple description of the album. Big Quarters have kept their approach to making good music that built their core audience, but have successfully grown and developed into more experienced song writers/arrangers and musical personalities and it is strongly reflected on the new album. There are great stories on life, family, relationships, community, etc Although, theres a range of moods & emotions covered, I feel like the overall vibe of the album fits excellently as a Fall Album. Some songs could serve as comfort and can warm the soul in that deep fall where it gets darker and bitter cold, such as Pure or Low Highs. While other songs are perfect for this current transitional period of Sunny days, with the suggestion of the impending cold, giving you that motivation or inspiration to maximize your time and enjoy the situation before it is gone, a theme that is covered on Saving Bonds.

Track Listing:

  1. And We Grew Up To Be Somebody
  2. New Plateau
  3. Perfect Match ft.ξMankwe Ndosi
  4. Pure
  5. Humble Servants feat. Benzilla
  6. C'mon
  7. Follow Me Through
  8. Hey
  9. Tumbler
  10. Low Highs
  11. Savings Bonds
  12. When The Head Connects With The Body
  13. Unreal feat. Mankwe Ndosi
  14. Never Leave A Crumb

Type: Music

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