Big Quarters "Somos No Joke" CD

Big Quarters "Somos No Joke" CD

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Somos No Joke is the new EP from Big Quarters. Laughing while grooving against the grain of the industry, over no-nonsense production. Brandon Allday & Medium Zach deliver 8 tracks of honest and heartfelt lyricism over layers of off-the-wall soundscapes, distorted guitars - drums that punch in the chest and slap in the face. The self-produced duo approach crafting beats reminiscent of classic hip-hop production (Cypress Hill, Wu-Tang, Gangstarr) sampling dollar bin drum breaks and telling the story of their experience as Mexican-Americans in the great Midwest. Finding their voice in music, working with youth in Minneapolis, and becoming men -- they've put it all on the table each time out. In February, following the release of Big Quarters' third album Party Like A Young Commie, Atmosphere invited Big Quarters to join the Welcome to Minnesota Tour, putting their 10 years of honing the live show to the test in front of thousands. The overwhelming response- crowds nodding, jumping, singing along - is captured in the music video for Big Quarters' "New Plateau." With the follow-up, Somos No Joke, Big Quarters capture the rugged 90's breakbeat influence (Never Felt Better), the beautiful struggle (Work, Love Is Always Free) and hometown collaborations with guest appearances from Sims (Doomtree), I.B.E and Longshot. Somos No Joke Drops November 23rd (Available CD/Digital)


Track Listing;

  1. Never Felt Better
  2. Work
  3. Oh Oh Oh feat. Longshot
  4. Urgent Care feat. I.B.E
  5. Year Rou5nd
  6. Two Diamonds
  7. Grown Up feat. Sims
  8. Love Is Always Free

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