Billy Woods "Known Unknowns" CD

Billy Woods "Known Unknowns" CD

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  • Special Guest Features Include Aesop Rock, Homeboy Sandman, ELUCID & More!ξ
´ŽèKnown Unknowns is billy woods' new album, a follow-up to 2013's Blockhead collaboration Dour Candy. Blockhead is still behind the boards here but there are also a couple beats from his longtime collaborator Aesop Rock. But the center of the whirlwind is still woods, who reemerges from a two-year hiatus after releasing the avant-garde Today, I Wrote Nothing in early 2015.

Known Unknowns finds the artist on more melodic ground, but still his esoteric, acerbic self, spinning verses equal parts joy and terror, wry wit and blind rage. There are guest appearances from ELUCID (Armand Hammer), as well as Aesop Rock, Homeboy Sandman, Googie, singer Barrie McLain and DJ Mo Niklz.

Track List:

1) Bush League

2) Snake Oil

3) Unstuck

4) Wonderful feat Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman

5) Superpredator

6) Fall Back

7) Groundhogs Day

8) Everybody Knows

9) Police Came To My Show

10) Nomento feat ELUCID

11) Washington Redskins

12) Tupac Jackets feat ELUCID

13) Source Awards

14) Strawman feat Googie & Barrie McLain

15) Cheap Shoes

16) Gazpacho

17) Keloid

18) Robespierre feat Barrie McLain

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